MS Bard

Wave Propulsion has designed the hull for the MS Bald, which will be in finished in the spring of 2020. This project is a correlation between Brim Explorer, Maritim Partner and Hurtigruten AS.

The hull is 24.8x11m, and it is the same that was desgined for the Brim I.

The boat is an electric catmaran, and will transport tourists to Longyearbyen and other attractive places on Svalbard. 

More info: http://maritimt.com/nb/maritimt-magasin/satser-pa-elektriske-katamaraner


Brim I

Wave Propulsion has signed a contract with Maritim Partner to design the hull for the BRIM 1, which is planned to be finished at the end of July 2019. The ship owners are Green Wave Holding and the boat is managed by BRIM Explorer.

Wave Propulsion has contributed with early conceptual design and hull design. We have come to conclusions with the end costumer about proportions and has together with BRIM Explorer been developing the idea for 3 years.

The hull is a catamaran hull based on propeller propulsion. The hull is effective beacuse it has low sea resistance and high hull efficiancy, which makes it effective for passanger transport.

Brim Explorer: https://www.brimexplorer.com

Maritim Partner: http://maritime-partner.com

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