Wave Propulsion is a naval design company located on the Norwegian island of Bømlo, a municipality on the west coast of Norway, in Vestland County. Bømlo has about 12 000 inhabitants. Wave Propulsion specialises in ship hull design and propulsion systems.  Halfdan Endresen (CEO) is a fourth generation entrepreneur. His family previously established the Wichmann Motor Factory as well as successful propulsion enterprise Servogear AS. 

Servogear has delivered complete propulsion systems for most of the major fast-speed passenger crafts operating on the Norwegian coast. Their technology is based on large slow running propellers and matching hull design, with an emphasis on the construction of the stern. Halfdan and his father Leif Magnus were responsible for developing this technology for Servogear AS. 

Wave Propulsion is a proud member of the NCE Maritime Cleantech Cluster organization, learn more here: https://maritimecleantech.no




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Halfdan Endresen established Wave Propulsion AS, and has worked with boat design for many years. Previous work experience includes twenty years with R.F Consulting (1990-2010), where he was responsible for microwave antenna design. He has also been an agent for Broadnet, and worked on several projects including »Broadment for pupils in school» and »Combi Oar». He has also worked with Vik Sandivk AS on proportions for hull design. In his spare time he enjoys freelancing as audio engineer at concerts and religious services. In 2002 Halfdan invented Propad, an innovative wave energy propultion system.  


Leif Magnus Endresen is the co-founder of Wave Propulsion and the founder of Servogear AS. Boats and ship design in their various forms has been a lifelong passion for Leif Magnus. During a career spanning seven decades, he has been employed as a designer for several successful successful companies such as Bergen Engine and Wärtsilä (previously Wichmann Motor Factory). He is responsible for designing and mounting a number of engines, including the one which is now in the M/S Atløy. After he retired from Wichmann in 1973, Leif Magnus founded Servogear AS in his own home. Servogear has since grown to become one of the leading companies in its industry. Leif Magnus continues to contribute his unique ideas and creative solutions at Wave Propulsion AS, and is deeply involved in the daily running of the company.